2016 Annual Report

Improved Governance

Mid-Wales housing is delighted to report that in a recent appraisal of its governance practices by The Governance Forum, its governance standard has increased from a previously assessed Level One to Level Two (maximum score is Level Three).

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Janet Price

Governance Officer

When an organisation is operating at Level Two this normally demonstrates that it is working above minimum legal and statutory requirements and to governance best practice standards. This is acknowledged to be excellent performance from an organisation the relatively small size of Mid-Wales Housing Association.

Governance can simply be described as the art of directing and steering organisations via a Board of Management. In Mid-Wales Housing, we are fortunate to have a voluntary Board of 13 committed and talented Board Members, who come from all geographical areas of our operation and many walks of life.

The Governance Forum’s assessment gave Mid-Wales Housing an opportunity to understand how it was performing and what good practice looked like, whilst challenging complacency and providing an early warning of areas that may warrant attention.  Additionally, the appraisal provided the motivation and impetus for change and provided the Association with the reassurance it needs that it is operating at the highest of standards. 

An action plan has been established to help the Association to work towards achieving Level Three over the next two years in the areas of resources, competency and execution.

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