2016 Annual Report

Care & Repair in Powys Overview

During 2015/16 the Agency provided help, advice and practical assistance to 1,927 older people and people with disabilities living in Powys. Given the Agency had changes to funding plus a reduction in staff to contend with, this is an admirable achievement and is testimony to the professionalism and commitment of the staff team.

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Ray Dowling


We continued to work closely with our partners in the statutory sector, health, and Third sector and have strengthened our relationships with key stakeholders.  We had very successful negotiations over how we receive funding for the Disability Facility Adaptation work we carry out for Powys County Council. This resulted in a fee-based structure that has helped to minimise cash flow issues. We also worked closely with our colleagues in Powys County Council to review and revise all processes within the Disability Facility Adaptation grant systems. It is very pleasing to note that the Care & Repair Powys team have been instrumental in significantly reducing the number of days someone has to wait for an adaptation to their home.

Our Rapid Response Adaptation project (RRAP) continued to go from strength to strength. The project benefitted from additional funding in 2014/15 which enabled new elements of the service to be introduced and become embedded within the service delivery in 2015/16. For example, we now provide the RRAP service to patients using the ‘Virtual Ward’ initiative. We also expanded the range of RRAP jobs to include moving furniture around someone’s home (e.g. moving beds downstairs); fitting key safes to enable carers and health professionals to access someone’s home.

Our staff have also helped clients claim over £143,000 in welfare benefits they were entitled to. This is in addition to the £51,497 raised from charitable trusts and benevolent funds to assist with the cost of essential work to people’s homes. In terms of the overall value of the work completed this amounts to over £1.2m and has been paid for by a mixture of grants, charitable/benevolent funding and personal contributions from clients. Local contractors and suppliers are used wherever possible; thereby a significant amount of the £1.2m goes into the local economy.

The wellbeing of our clients is paramount to everything we do at Care & Repair Powys and I take immense pride in the fact that the work our staff do has such a positive impact on the quality of life for so many people. The following are just some of the things our clients have told us about how we have improved their lives and increased their independence:

‘I can now take a shower without the risk of falling. That is a real pleasure.’

‘Care & Repair made it possible for my husband to come home from hospital and for me to sleep in the same room. Many thanks.’

‘My wife would not be able to leave home to go out without your help, she would have been housebound.’

‘The double glazing means that I am warmer and that the heat is not being lost and costs are reduced.’

‘Peace of mind is of immeasurable worth.’

On behalf of the Board and behalf of Care and Repair clients throughout Powys, I would like to thank every member of the team for their professionalism, commitment and hard work in ensuring the vision of the Agency is turned into reality.

I would also like to thank my colleagues on the Care & Repair Board for their continued support and commitment in what has been an eventful and challenging year.

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