2016 Annual Report


A major issue that the Community Housing Team wanted to tackle during the year was hoarding. The Association has approximately 10 hoarders who need intensive help and support with their issues. 

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Jean O'Neill

Community Housing Team Leader

The Community Housing Team conducted a lot of research and we now have adopted a well-considered procedure. A meeting was held with the manager at Ponthafren, Newtown with a view to working together to tackle this difficult problem. The team is currently working with four tenants who have a hoarding disorder.   

In particular, the team worked with one tenant at a flat in North Powys. The four Community Housing Team members took a day out of their normal working pattern and spent it working with the tenant to tackle his hoarding issues. The gentleman is probably the tenant whose home and well-being is the most compromised by his hoarding issues. The team were successful in applying for a Discretionary Housing Payment from Powys County Council of over £700. This enabled the team to have four skips (which were filled) and buy an armchair and bedding. The Association also gave the tenant a double bed that had been used in the show home at one of the new developments last year. It was one of the hardest day’s work the team had ever had and they were all shattered but left the property and the tenant in a much better situation than he had been in at the start of the day.

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