2016 Annual Report

Love Where You Live

Love where you Live - as a concept - took over from estate walkabouts during the first part of the year. This initiative is a way of encouraging neighbours to talk to and get to know each other and ultimately are a way of preventing anti-social behaviour from occurring.

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Jean O'Neill

Community Housing Team Leader


Hanging Basket Events 

The Community Housing Team held four hanging basket events in four locations during May 2015.

Following the successful resolution of a serious case of anti-social behaviour in Llandrindod Wells, earlier in the year, residents approached the Association and said they would like to brighten up the estates. The Community Housing Team listened to this request and used some of the team’s Estate Improvement Budget to fund the event. Approximately 20 residents and their children, along with the Community Housing Team, got their hands dirty and made up 20 hanging baskets. Hanging basket brackets were put up and the estate definitely looked more colourful and jollier by 5 pm; helped by the sun coming out too.

Following the success of this event, the Community Housing Team repeated the afternoon at Hill View Close in Newtown. There were even more tenants and children at this event which was probably helped by the afternoon being lovely and sunny. One tenant was overheard saying to another, “I don’t know of any other housing association that does this for their tenants”. The community was very enthusiastic and talked about having a community BBQ in the summer. At the beginning of the session one child was loathe to touch the moss as he thought it was dirty. By the end of the session he was busy making up baskets, helping other children to plant and quite happily handling the moss, digging into compost and touching the plants. 

The other two hanging basket events were held in separate locations in Machynlleth. Despite it being an utterly soggy day, a number of tenants braved the rain and joined the team to plant about 20 baskets which became well established and brightened up the estates over the summer months.

Resident Group Events 

The biggest “Love Where You Live” community event was held in Troed-y-Rhiw, Llandrindod Wells during May 2015. The Community Housing Officer for the area had been working closely with residents and mentoring them as they were interested in starting up a residents’ group. Residents advised what they would like at the event, and as a result, a bouncy castle was hired along with another inflatable for children. One child decided to join a local football team as a result. During the afternoon, the residents decided they wanted to cook and eat together, so an impromptu BBQ was set up. The Fire Service came along to book home fire safety checks with residents. They gave general advice on fire safety and brought a fire engine which the children were able to sit in. The Police came along too and as a result, now try to attend any meetings that the residents’ committee has

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