2016 Annual Report

Repairs Service

It has been a busy year for the maintenance team. We have re-tendered the repairs contract, taken on staff to work directly for us repairing voids, retendered the grounds maintenance contracts for Welshpool, Machynlleth and Aberystwyth areas and, of course, have overseen the day-to-day maintenance of our properties.

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Steve Palmer

Maintenance Team Leader

Celtic Developments ceased trading during April after working for Mid-Wales Housing for many years. The Maintenance Team, along with fantastic support from the New Business and Customer Services departments, mobilised a plan to ensure our tenants did not lose service at any point. EOM Electrical Contractors took on all of Celtic Development’s work and in order to free them up to do this, Tai Ceredigion agreed to service all of the Aberystwyth properties. We are pleased to report that we still attended 93.75% of emergency jobs within 24 hours and those that we did not get to within the 24 hours were attended within 36 hours. We also maintained a good customer satisfaction level with 98.71% of tenants being satisfied with the service provided. We are delighted with EOM’s performance over this difficult period and grateful for how accommodating they have been.

The team was very happy to receive the approval from the Board of Management to take on our own in-house void team in April. Job descriptions and person specifications were drawn up and after a lengthy interview process, we were pleased to appoint Mark Evans as a void operative.

The in-house voids team is performing well and we have been delighted to employ Olivia Price on a part-time basis to assist with the voids with the intention of taking her on as a full-time apprentice for the new academic year. After six months of operating we completed 61 voids, 17 rechargeable repairs at void and three general repairs. The tables below demonstrate a significant saving when using the in-house team on voids of 47.3% and rechargeable repairs at void of 29%.  

Tenant satisfaction with the voids process has steadily improved since the introduction of the project, climbing month-on-month from a starting point of 76% to 95%, 96% and to this month where it was recorded at 100%. The cost comparison breakdown against the previous year’s spend and predicted cost at set up is shown below:

700/200 Voids

Average Materials Cost

Average Hours

Repair Costs

Statutory Testing

Total Cost

Cost of External Contractor






Predicted Cost of in-house Team






Actual Cost of in-house Team







255/200 Voids Recharges

Average Materials Cost

Average Hours

Repair Costs

Cost of External Contractor




Actual Cost of in-house Team





We have completed the final stages of the selection process for responsive maintenance. This has been done through the Welsh housing procurement framework via the Undod consortium of which Mid-Wales Housing is a member. We held a mini-bid competition for our three shortlisted contractors to price jobs in Powys and Ceredigion, split into four different lots. We asked for an average price per job for each lot bearing in mind the geographic challenges.

Following interviews, which included Tenants’ and Residents’ Forum (TaRF) members, we were delighted to award the work to local company EOM Electrical Contractors with a bid of £100.07 on average per job, therefore giving the Association a saving of £7.93 per job.

We have also tendered the grounds maintenance work for Welshpool, Machynlleth and Aberystwyth areas. We received three responses and following an interview which also included TaRF members, we were delighted to award the work to local company Andrew Evans Landscaping Ltd.

Customer satisfaction is 98.60% for the year with repairs and 97.84% of emergency repairs were completed within 24-hours.

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