2016 Annual Report

Lifeline Alarms

Lifeline alarms are also sometimes called dispersed alarms or warden call alarms. However, they all do essentially the same thing; provide 24/7 monitoring, 365 days a year. The Association feels alarms are important to offer to residents as they can enable the emergency services to be alerted without losing much needed time. Currently, there are 172 residents who have benefitted from this service from the Association. 

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Jean O'Neill

Community Housing Team Leader

The alarm consists of a base unit and a pendant which is either worn around the neck or on a band on the wrist. Both the base unit and pendant have a red button which is pressed in an emergency. This emergency alert travels down the telephone landline to a call centre, which monitors alarms on behalf of the Association. The monitoring call centre keeps records of any medical conditions the person has along with details of the “go-to person” in an emergency. When an emergency alert is raised, the call centre is then able to decide who needs to know. The alarms can, quite literally, be a lifeline.

There is a small charge for the unit itself and another small charge for the monitoring aspect of the system. However, both of these charges may be covered by benefit or grant depending upon individual circumstances.

One of the Association’s more recent residents, Mr. Hare from Knighton, had an alarm fitted in his home shortly after moving in. He has found it to be a Godsend and would recommend anyone to have one: “It saved my life. I’ve had two falls since moving here and on both occasions I’ve had the emergency services with me, within ten minutes”.

The Community Housing team have promoted these alarms during the year through posts on Facebook, an item in the newsletter and generally mentioning them to residents who were thought to have potentially found them of benefit. During the year the Community Housing Team were also able to move two housing schemes from hard-wired alarms to these improved units.

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